Dr. AlWadi Participated in the (GECS 2017)

//Dr. AlWadi Participated in the (GECS 2017)


Our UMT student Dr. Belal Mahmoud AlWadi participated as a speaker in the Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 sessions. The (GECS 2017) which was held under the patronage of Prime Minister Dato ‘Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak and the presence of entrepreneurs from around the world. Then, He met with the Jordan Ambassador in Malaysia.

AlWadi which is represented the Arab countries and the Arab students at Malaysia universities in this summit, He is continuing his second Ph.D. Degree in Management at PPPPM. Also, he working now as the CEO of Jordanian Society for Business Entrepreneurship, Lecturer|Trainer|Public Speaker, and Consultant@UNFPA –UN.