The First Batch ALUMNI of UMT Asean Scholarship!

//The First Batch ALUMNI of UMT Asean Scholarship!



As we celebrate our 16th anniversary of UMT Convocation, who is better than our students and alumni to tell us what they love about UMT. There is one outstanding lady, Cut Uliza that just finished her study in Master of Aquaculture along with the title of the very first batch alumni of UMT Asean Scholarship. UMT Asean Scholarship was offered on 2017 and the main objective of UMT Asean Scholarship is to increase the number of postgraduate students of UMT.

Cut who is admired for her impeccable sense of timing, hardworking and kindness was hail in Acheh, Indonesia. She just started her study in master on November 2017 and finished on November 2018 and wishes to further her study until PhD level in this university since she is satisfied with the facilities, surrounding and the lecturers’ quality in UMT.

CONGRATULATIONS on your massive achievement! May your success inspire everyone in this world.