A Trip to Warisan Sari 2018

//A Trip to Warisan Sari 2018

A Trip to Warisan Sari

Stunningly beautiful Warisan Sari, became the site of Terengganu’s artistic bloom, Gamelan. Using the old palace concept, Warisan Sari, located in Tok Jembal, Kuala Nerus gives more impact to Terengganu gamelan performance or now known as Malay gamelan. This house is divided into five sections and all names are based on the names of popular songs in Gamelan art such as Balai Geliung, Lantai Lima, Terengganu Nangga, Antawada Gallery and Endowment.

On 27th of October 2018, the international centre had planned a trip to Warisan Sari to expose the international students with Malaysian culture. As the participants arrived, the Gamelan team started to demonstrate their music’s instruments and play a very harmony tune which made all the audience overawed. After having a visit to the gallery, the artists started to perform their dances. Interestingly, the artist at Warisan Sari consists of several different groups each week to give them an opportunity to uphold the gamelan that is now fading in the eyes of the community. All the participants were very enjoyed with this trip and eager for the next trip.