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NoCourse CodeCourses
1GC10Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)
2GC28Bachelor of Computer Science with Maritime Informatics
3GS02Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)
4GS03Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity Conservation and Management)
5GS28Bachelor of Science (Chemical Sciences)
6GS44Bachelor of Science (Analytical and Environmental Chemistry)
7GS08Bachelor of Science (Computational Mathematics)
8GS43Bachelor of Science (Financial Mathematics)
9GY06Bachelor of Technology (Environment)
10GS15Bachelor of Applied Science (Electronic Physics and Instrumentation)
11GE02Bachelor of Accounting
12GE00Sarjana Muda Ekonomi (Sumber Alam)
13GP22Bachelor of Management (Marketing)
14GP08Bachelor of Management (Tourism)
15GG09Bachelor of Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition)
16GS04Bachelor of Food Science (Food Technology)
17GG31Bachelor of Science in Agrotechnology (Post Harvest Technology)
18GG15Bachelor of Science (Marine Science)
19GS40Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology)
20GP18Bachelor of Management (Maritime)
21GG37Bachelor of Applied Science (Maritime Technology)
22GS68Bachelor of Science (Nautical Sciences and Maritime Transport)
23GP04Bachelor of Counseling
24GP31Bachelor of Management (Policy and Social Environment)
25GG10Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries)
26GG27Bachelor of Science in Agrotechnology (Aquaculture)
27GG27Bachelor of Science in Agrotechnology (Crop Science)
28G2051Diploma in Fisheries


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