The 16th UMT Convocation 2018 was happening from 11th November 2018 until 13th November 2018 with the graduation of Ph.D., Master, Bachelor and Diploma. Along with the convocation, there was a Pesta Konvo UMT occurred with a selling from many shops that sold many types of snacks, heavy meals and drinks. It took place at the Dataran Pesta Konvo UMT from 10th November 2018 until 14th November 2018. On 13th November 2018, an event of cultural performances and singing also conducted on that night from 8.30 pm until 12.00 am. The event was called Gala Night where many performances from [...]



As everyone knows, convocation were held in every institute to celebrate graduated students for successfully finish their studies. UMT convocation was happening on 11th until 13th November 2018. There were 2970 graduates where 39 students from PhD, 156 students from Master, 2647 students from Degree and 128 students from Diploma. There were six session in three days which are two session conducted each day. 49 mobility students were invited to join the first session of convocation for them to gain experience and to know how graduation day were celebrated in Malaysia especially at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. The mobility students are including [...]

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The First Batch ALUMNI of UMT Asean Scholarship!

    As we celebrate our 16th anniversary of UMT Convocation, who is better than our students and alumni to tell us what they love about UMT. There is one outstanding lady, Cut Uliza that just finished her study in Master of Aquaculture along with the title of the very first batch alumni of UMT Asean Scholarship. UMT Asean Scholarship was offered on 2017 and the main objective of UMT Asean Scholarship is to increase the number of postgraduate students of UMT. Cut who is admired for her impeccable sense of timing, hardworking and kindness was hail in Acheh, Indonesia. She [...]

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UMT Postgraduate Hi-Tea 2018

  A Hi-Tea Ceremony was held on 10th of October 2018 at Quinara Al-Safir Resort to celebrate all the postgraduate students including local and international students. The event was organised by Graduate School and was assisted by International Centre. The event started at 2 pm after the arrival of VIP and Vice Chancellor of UMT. After the doa recitation, the Vice-Chancellor of UMT, Y. Bhg. Prof. Dr. Nor Aieni Hj. Mokhtar presented a welcoming speech and a congratulations wish for the postgraduates’ students. Besides, the event also was contented with two performances from local students and international students respectively. Also happened [...]

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  KT TOUR 2.0 had been happening on 3rd October 2018, Saturday with a total of 26 participants from International Students. There were two buddies joined the program and three accompanists went along during the tour in order to guide all the International Students. It was a one day tour where it began at 8.00 am and ended at 6.00 pm. There were many places visited during the tour such as Research Vessel Discovery (RV Discovery) at Pulau Duyong that is owned by UMT as it was built for the oceanography research purpose. Other places that had been visited during the [...]

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Pictures and Videos of KT Tour 2.0

3rd November 2018- International Centre held a tour around Kuala Terengganu to expose the international students with the interesting places around here. Below are the pictures and videos captured from the tour.   RV DISCOVERIES   HAJI SU HERITAGE HOUSE     TERENGGANU STATE MUSEUM  

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A Trip to Warisan Sari 2018

A Trip to Warisan Sari Stunningly beautiful Warisan Sari, became the site of Terengganu's artistic bloom, Gamelan. Using the old palace concept, Warisan Sari, located in Tok Jembal, Kuala Nerus gives more impact to Terengganu gamelan performance or now known as Malay gamelan. This house is divided into five sections and all names are based on the names of popular songs in Gamelan art such as Balai Geliung, Lantai Lima, Terengganu Nangga, Antawada Gallery and Endowment. On 27th of October 2018, the international centre had planned a trip to Warisan Sari to expose the international students with Malaysian culture. As the [...]

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Pictures and Video of the Trip to Warisan Sari 2018

27 October 2018 | Alhamdulillah, the Warisan Sari Visit program went well yesterday. According to the owner of this place, the dances performed based on the many stories. We had been served with the 'kipas' and 'ketam' dance. They served us a very amazing and interesting traditional performance. Below are the pictures and a video during the visit.              

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International Student Won the Malay’s Song Singing Competition

The winner of Bintang Antarabangsa Nyanyian Lagu Bahasa Melayu Competition organized by Majlis Kebudayaan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia (MAKUM) 2018 One of the International Students, Bilal Adi Mohammed has participated in this competition and won the 3rd place. International Center wishes you congratulation for your proud achievement. We thank you for bringing UMT to another level. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) – Terima Kasih Cinta (1st Place) Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) – Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang (2nd Place) Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) – Salam Terakhir (3rd Place) Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) – Ingkar (Best Performance) Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) – Potret Universiti [...]

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Mobility Program: Asean International Mobility for Students (AIMS) Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

  Who said studying abroad is boring? Everyone knows it is quite interesting to study abroad. To put things briefly, study abroad is pretty awesome, right? Hence, there are a lot of benefits by studying outside from our country. The ASEAN International Mobility for Students Program or in short, AIMS Program is a Government to Government multilateral educational program for undergraduate students. In the 9th AIMS Review Meeting held at Tsukuba, Japan, 2015, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu was appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. This program is a Government to Government multilateral educational program for undergraduate students. This government-supported student exchange [...]

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