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State of the art academic infrastructure at present can accommodate studies in eight Schools, namely eight Schools, namely Marine and Environmental Sciences; Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences; Maritime Business and Management; Ocean Engineering; Food Sciences and Technology; Informatics and Applied Mathematics; Social and Economic Development and Fundamental Sciences. The campus also has a centre for education; Fundamental and four research institutes – Oceanography and Environment (INOS); Tropical Aquaculture (AKUATROP); Marine Biotechnology (IBM); Kenyir Research (IPK). Currently the campus can accommodate up to 12,500 students.

UMT campus is also equipped with a wide range of supporting learning facilities. Among them- Sultan Mizan Hall; Sultanah Nur Zahirah Library, Tengku Muhammad Ismali Sports Complex; and Students College. We are ardent to develop a modern infrastructure of Students College on and off campus so it can meet the needs of all national and international students.

Modern sports facilities enable campus recreation moreover polishing sporting talent in a variety of favored events. UMT is committed to groom the talent of students in water-sorts-swimming, diving, kayaking, rowing and sailing. This is consistent with the idea of strengthening the scientific and marine recreation.