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Q: I have obtain an offer to study in UMT. How can I apply for a student visa from my country?

A: Before coming to Malaysia, you have to apply online for your student visa through the EMGS website: https://educationmalaysia.gov.my. Guidance for filling up the forms are given in http://educationmalaysia.gov.my/how-to-apply.html.  Please note that there is no way to save the online application form information. The application must be made in one short session otherwise the website may log you out. Make sure that you give yourself enough time for the visa application process. The visa approval process is expected to take approximately 2 months duration. The students may contact EMGS or us for any problems they may face in the application.


Q: What is VAL? 

A: Visa Approval Letter (VAL) means a visa issued by the Malaysian Representative Office abroad to a non-citizen to enable individuals to enter Malaysia after the visa is approved by the Immigration Department Headquarters. You must obtain your Visa Approval Letter before entering to study in Malaysia. After you receive a VAL, you must go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy to apply for a Single Entry Visa (SEV) to enter Malaysia. If you do not do so, you may face some issues or problems when coming to study in Malaysia. For countries without a Malaysian Embassy, you may be eligible to apply for a Visa On Arrival (VOA). Some Commonwealth country nationals may enter Malaysia with a VAL but without an SEV. You must check with the nearest Malaysian High Commission in your country. You might also hear the term VDR. This is the Malay language term “Visa Dengan Rujukan” which means a “Visa With Reference”. This is the SEV which you obtain which will be linked to the VAL which you receive.


Q: For how many months is the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) valid? 

The VAL is valid for within 6 months. Once you have the VAL, you must apply for a Single Entry Visa (SEV) at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/High Commission. The Embassy will issue a Single Entry Visa to the student to enter Malaysia. Once the student arrives at the airport, the student is normally given a permit to remain in Malaysia with a validity of 30 days. There will be a stamp in your passport page. However, there may be cases where only 2 weeks only are given. It is very important that you check the validity of the permit to stay.


Q: What is Single Entry Visa/Journey Performed Visa?   

A: International students who require visa before entering Malaysia have to get a Single Entry Visa from the Malaysian embassy, consulate or high commission in their home country or the nearest representative of the Malaysian government before coming to Malaysia. Failure to do so, the individual will be issued a Journey Performed Visa upon approval of their Student Pass application and a sum between RM20 to RM50 will be charged for processing this Visa.


Q: Can I use a social pass to study?  

A: You can NOT use a social pass to study. It is illegal to study in Malaysia under a social/tourist pass. The university strongly discourages the use of Social Visas to enter Malaysia before receiving your VAL. Please be reminded that as the University cannot guarantee your application for student visa/pass will be approved, it may place your studies at high risk.


Q: What is Student Pass?    

A: Student Pass is the document, which is required for all international students when they undertake full-time study in Malaysia. It is recognized by the endorsement given in his or her passport while the student is studying in an educational institution in Malaysia.


Q: How long is the student pass valid?   

A: The Department of Immigration issues Student Passes for a maximum of 12 months or if the course duration is less than 12 months the Pass will be for the duration of the course.


Q: What is Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)?  

A: International students, who have student passes, will be given a Multiple Entry Visa. With this visa, students will be allowed to go in and out of Malaysia for the duration of their Student Passes are valid. The charges vary from country to country accordingly.


Q: Can I send application for renewal of student pass or dependant pass 1 month before the expiry date?

A: No. Kindly submit all the required documents 1 MONTH (30 working days) before expiry date.


Q: I would like to send a passport and will return to hometown. Can I book air ticket before my passport ready?

A: Students are not allowed to purchase any flight ticket before obtaining your student pass/passport from UMT IC to avoid any problem arises afterwards.


Q: When I should renew the Student/ Dependant Pass? 

A: You can renew 3 months before the expiry of your Student/Dependant Pass


Q: Can I travel within Malaysia by flight if my passport still in the process for Student Pass? 

A: No, student must have the original passport to travel within Malaysia




Q: How can I apply as a mobility student?

A: Interested students can download the Student Pass Guideline from our website: http://ic.umt.edu.my/wp-content/uploads/sites/87/2017/11/Mobility-International-Guidelines.pdf


Q: What is the application deadline for mobility students?

A: Application is open throughout the year. For mobility students normally official intake will be in February and September. Semester 1 (September) – 30 April Semester 2 (February) – 30 September


Q: What is the language instruction?

A: All courses are conducted in English


Q: How can I find a room?

A: For on accommodation, please refer to our website http://ic.umt.edu.my/?page_id=1086


Q: How about travel and health insurance?

A: All mobility students must purchase travel and health insurance from home country prior to travelling UMT. If the mobility student is staying for more than 3 months in Malaysia, then they must purchase an insurance from a Malaysian Insurer. They can select the insurance from the EMGS system when they apply for the Mobility Student Pass.


Q: Do I need a visa/residence permit and if so how can I apply?

A: Interested students are responsible to obtain appropriate entry documents and visa before departure. UMT IC will assist students in preparing the documents.


Q: What about financial matters?

A: All financial expenses should be covered by each student or home university.