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Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas agassizii)

A Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas agassizii), named after the green colour of its fats and connective tissues. With a sexual maturity age of up to 40 years, the Green Turtle take longer than any other sea turtle species to reproduce.

It is also vulnerable to a number of terrestrial and aquatic predators, such as crabs, monitor lizards and birds, prompting UMT’s Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU) to establish observation and conservation stations at nesting beaches in Pulau Redang.

Facts about RV Discovery



RV is an abbreviation of Research Vessel, which means water transportation ship that facilitates research conducted in the ocean. The name Discovery is derived from UMT’s slogan “Ocean of Discoveries for Global Sustainability.”

RV was first constructed in September 2008 by a local shipping company, Kay Marine Sdn. Bhd in the Bukit Tumbuh shipyard in Kuala Terengganu.

RV is 35 metres long and weighs 300 tons. It is capable of sailing 4,000 nautical miles without refuelling and is able to reach the speed of 12.6 – 13.6 knots.

Source: Official Portal of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Nesting Sites of Turtle

Green sea turtle

UMT’s conservation efforts have helped ensure in-situ incubation at Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) nesting sites, resulting in the release of more than 480,000 turtles to date.

Kenyir Dam

Kenyir Dam, one of the largest hydroelectri dams in Southeast Asia, is now an ecotourism landmark that draws visitors from around the globe due to its natural beauty . As such, the lake and its surroundings is a very important laboratory for UMT researchers.

UMT formed the Kenyir Research Institute (IPK) to enhance the multidisciplinary research activities with regard to the ecosystem of the lake.

Additionally, UMT is developing flagship research themed Kenyir Geopark.The geopark concept-which balance the needs of heritage conservation, economic development through ecotourism, and community welfare.

Tengku Muhammad Ismail sport complex

UMT’s modern sport facilities enable campus residents to seek recreation and hone their skills in favourite sporting activities.

we are particularly interested in water-based sports, such as swimming, diving, kayaking and yachting in line with our focus on maritime activities.

Pulau Bidong Research Centre

The Pulau Bidong research centre also functions as a site for the long term study of coral reefs and the diversity of marine life.

Since Pulau Bidong was designated a heritage and conservation site, the growth of corals has increased significantly, and a thriving marine ecosystems that is conducive to research has been formed.

Setiu Wetlands

Ecosystem Maintenance Research Centre

UMT has prepared a research station in Setiu Wetlands to conduct a variety of studies , particularly concerning the diversity of wetland of flora and fauna.

We are currently conducting a long term study entitled “Setiu Ecosystem Development-Conservation,Natural Resources and Community Life”.

In short, the Setiu Wetlands Station serves as a connector between UMT and local community.

Bukit Kor Campus

Tropical forest park

The new Bukit Kor campus will house three learning centre -Food Science and technology, Marine Engineering and Fundamental Science.

The areas further up the hill will be maintained as an educational tropical forest reserve, while the valley will be developed as a modern agricultural site.

Turtle Reservation Station


For centuries, the coast of Terengganu was widely known as a landing spot for sea turtles to lay eggs. Unfortunately, unscrupulous human activity has seen this consigned to history books.

It is for this reason that UMT has prepared a station dedicated to the conservation of sea turtle on a remote beach in Pulau Redang. At the Chagar Hutang Station, we are able to observe sea turtles landing, laying and hatching eggs, and moving back into the sea. We have made this station into a place for our students and the local community to assist in caring for and conserving the marine life being threatened by rapid development.